County Line – Veda Bushong

I send my sympathy to the family of Theta Porter.

Donna Dodson was here on Monday and Wednesday. She went to Springfield on Tuesday to visit Reece Goforth. They did some grocery shopping and lunch while there.

Donna came by here on Thursday.

Kathy Stephens took Jo to Springfield on Friday.

Diana and Butch Davis took me to Pioneer Heritage Days on Saturday afternoon. There was a big crowd there.

Donna came and got me Saturday evening to go to Keith and Melanie Breedng’s home to celebrate Megan Goforth’s birthday. They served pizza, cake and ice cream to Miranda Davidson, Regan Koop, Jimmy and Joanna Lafferty, Charlee and Monte, Lesley Potter and Jozie, Tommy Gunter, Mike Dodson, Cass Cornett, Bryse Dodson, David and Donna Dodson, Quin Breeding, Macee Breeding and me. They played some good music.

Those at Jo & John Stephens on Sunday were Max & Kathy Stephens, Lana Stephens, and Lisa Stephens.

Diane Davis took me to get groceries on Sunday.

Reece Goforth visited his mom and Keith, Megan, Quin, and Macee on Sunday. David and Donna came by also.

Macee Breeding spent Sunday evening with David and Donna at their church party, then spent the night with them.