Breedon – David Williams & Evelyn Harper

Sept. 29th – Services were opened by the reading of Psalms 128 and with Bill Harper saying the Morning Prayer.

The adult class read Revelations 9-11. We had eight in attendance. Several were out this morning.

Morning offering was taken up by David Williams and Jaclyn Terry. David said the prayer over the offering.

Sue Thomas sang a special. Sue has a wonderful singing voice and we are blessed to have her playing the piano for the church every service.

Cub brought the morning service from Matthew 25:1-13. Closing prayer was by David.

Evening service began at 6 p.m. The Congregation sang a few songs, then Judy Willis brought the evening service by reading Jude 1-25 after she sang.

Church was dismissed in prayer. God bless you all.

Oct. 6 – Church opened by Cub reading the 131st Psalm with Evelyn Harper saying the Morning Prayer. Our attendance was down today with many being sick and some recovering from surgeries. Our prayers are with Bill Harper recovering from knee replacement.

The good Lord blessed the area with a good rain which was very much needed as we were getting dry.

My heart is heavy this morning with those who are out in sin. Our church of tomorrow can’t seem to find their way to church today. What’s happened to them? So many find reasons to not come to the house of the Lord to worship Him. Drugs are part of the problem. This morning I had a mother call me in tears about her daughter and the horrible things she is doing to herself and her own children, along with the family. Others just don’t care about the condition of their own soul. If there was ever a time we need to be ready for His blessed return it’s now! But sadly our churches are empty. Souls are suffering but they can’t seem to find their way to the place where heartaches are mended, forgiveness is found, and a new life is given.

So many are hurting and lost, as I look around me I see so much hurt and pain. I find myself seeking for the rest in the Lord as many things are happening to me, but I know who the Savior is, and I find my rest. I can remember when the altar was always filled with people praying and they stayed there until relief was found. Sad today there is dust on many altars. The tears of long ago are dry upon them. So many forget to pray for our lost and backslidden.

Cub brought the morning message from Matthew 28.

Sunday night service was by Ronnie Thomas. He spoke from Kings 3. He gave a very good message. Next week, Kerry Lafferty brings the message.

Friday night is our Monthly Singing. Please bring a dish and help us worship His name. This Saturday the 12th will be the Breedon School reunion. Don’t miss it. God bless!