Wasola – Theta Nokes

Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good for His mercy endureth forever. Psalm 106:1

I send sympathy to the Judy Haden family.

Sunday afternoon Sept.15, Ralph & Dana Brazeal had a cookout for grandson Wyatt Wharton’s birthday. Wyatt turns 13 years old on the 12th. The guests were Dara Strong, Brayden Lansdown, Liviya Wharton, Howard & Ella Faye Mitchell, Bill Satterfield, Dana Smith, Beau & Tafi Buege, Marti Yost, Eli Shannon, Zamber Little, and the other son, Cody, Hannah and Charleigh Strong and Hunter Huff, Tiffanee Satterfield, Zoe Shull, AnnaBelle Johnson, Bob Sparks and me.

Roy Frye got to come to Black Oak Chruch two weeks ago. His sister Glenda and her son Robert brought him down from Springfield for that morning,

Gary’s mother, Maxine Turner, was at the Ava Place when she broke a leg bone on Friday the 13th. She went to Mercy Hospital. Gary and I visited her Tuesday. She came to the nursing home in Ava Thursday.

Sympathy to the Faye Swofford family. God got tired of seeing her in such pain and took her home. Faye will be sadly and truly missed by everyone who knew her.