Mt. Zion – Barbara Uhles

9.2.2019 The campus of Mt. Zion Bible School was bursting with activity during the recent week of Camp Meetings. In addition to the early morning prayer meeting, there were daily services at 10:30 a.m., 6:45 and 7:30 p.m. and three meals served daily in the dining hall.

Pastor Bob Thompson, Jr. was camp chairman and platform manager. Pianists were Becky Arnold and Nancy Bryant. Organist was Brian Haynes. The Ron Arnold family provided special music. Alex Fourman operated the sound system. Dana Fourman and Cheryl Paxton opened the snack shop for the Music Department following each week-night service. The cooks were Colleen and Dustin Taylor.

Special thanks go to J.R. Downen for donating a beef and to the M.Z.B.S. Alumni for the new comfortable chairs for the auditorium.

Ushers included Dennis Uhles, James Cobb, James Cox, Greyson Jones, Matt Thompson, Don Eagleston, Bob Fleming, Dustin Taylor, Kelton Comfort, and Brenton Blake.

Evangelist Richard Gremillion from Beech Grove, Indiana, preached over a dozen inspirational sermons including “Spiritual Dehydration”, “Common Attitudes of the Aged (Caleb)”, “Shocked by Answered Prayer (Rhoda)”, “He Must Increase and I Must Decrease”, and “Is Christianity Narrow-Minded?”

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights the choir sang. Directed by Dana Fourman and accompanied by Cheryl Paxton, the members were Sheena Mahan, Jennifer Brooks, Lilah Sherman, Bob Fleming, Bryan Jones, Brian Haynes, Matt and Stephanie Thompson, Pastor Bob and Cinda Thompson, Jesse Paxton, and Jackson and Becky Fleming.

Cinda Thompson directed a Harmony Hour at 6:45 p.m. before each evening service. On Tuesday, the Jones-Thompson Quartet sang several songs. On Wednesday, everyone enjoyed hearing the Fordland Bluegrass Gospel Band; there were also vocal numbers by Ruth Ann Kirk, Stephanie Thompson, Marlene and Gaylerd Miller, Kay and Bob Fleming, and Vicky and Ken Thompson.

On Friday, “Jesus on Trial” was presented by Dennis Uhles, Brian Haynes, and Pastor Bob with songs by Norman and Delbert Murray, Lilah Sherman, Gaylerd Miller, David Comfort, and Matt and Stephanie Thompson. 

On Saturday, Pastor Bob gave a patriotic PowerPoint “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.” Others who sang or played instruments for Harmony Hours included Sam Miller, Glenna Knight, Colleen Taylor, Donna Haynes, and Paul W. Smith.

The annual School Service was held on the last Sunday afternoon. Pastor Bob recognized the board members, five staff members who attended the Renew-a-nation conference, and three who took ACE Supervisor’s Training this summer. Darrell Swearengin presented a diploma to Lila Sherman for earning a college degree. He also recognized the retirement of Linda Ferguson and Debbie Cox. Dana Fourman directed four songs by the MZBS Choir consisting of Brenna Barton, Adeline Bradley, Jackson Fleming, Cody Cook, Samuel Bruss, and Ethan Koch. The offering was collected by Greyson Jones, Samuel Bruss, and Jackson and Colin Fleming.