Gentryville – Ella May Daugherty

Fri. Sept. 13 – Hello from Gentryville. Not much going on, awfully hot and dry. I thought we might get a shower last night, but we didn’t. I’ve still got a few pretty flowers bloomed, but it’s a job keeping them watered. I see the mums are already on sale. They are awfully pretty but I’ll wait a while on getting them.

I really don’t know much to write. I don’t go anywhere or have much company.

I did go to Ava yesterday and got some medicine and groceries. 

 I went to Rebecca and Braydon Lambert’s wedding on the 24th of Aug. at the church here at Gentryville. They had a nice wedding and I wish many years of happiness for them.

Joe and Belinda Heath and Carl and Chris Loftis returned home last week from an extended vacation in several western states.

My deepest sympathy to the families of Ola Souder and Marvin Walker.

I’ve missed several birthdays the first of Sept. so I’ll mention the ones still to have their big day: my son-in-law David Griffith celebrates on the 24th; Bonnie Hurst on the 23rd; My brother Billy Hurst on the 28th.

Thought for today: With God’s help, I can share my faith with others.

Until next time, take care and God bless.