County Line – Veda Bushong

I send my sympathy to the family of Delbert Bucanan.

Donna Dodson, Melanie Breeding and Macee were here on Monday. Diana Davis, Melanie, and Donna were here on Tuesday. Donna came by on Wednedsay, then took Quin to the doctor. David Dodson went to Springfield on Wednesday to see his mom, June Dodson.

I have an abscessed tooth they gave me antibiotics for. 

Bryse Dodson went to Mtn, Grove Friday night to the football game.

Keith and Melanie Breeding and Macee spent Friday night camping at Pontiac. Quin stayed with David and Donna.

Megan Goforth came home for Saturday night then met Bradley at Ozark for church before going back to college in Joplin.

Reece Goforth visited family and friends in Ava Saturday night and Sunday.

Donna and Quin brought me breakfast and medicine on Saturday.

Michael Dodson went to Springfield on Saturday and Sunday to watch Bryse play ball. He visited Cass on Sunday to watch the Chiefs game.

Jordan Lada and Levi Watterson visited Jo & John Stephens on Saturday. 

Keith & Melanie Breeding, Quin, Macee went to watch the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis on Sunday. They took Conner Prock, Maggey and Grade Potter with them.

Leon and Jane Potter, Max & Kathy Stephens, and Eric Stephens all vsited Jo and John on Sunday.

David and Donna came by and checked on me Sunday after church.