Caney News – Janice Lafferty

Sept. 4 – Wednesday evening service at Caney began with singing. Bro. Hi Lambeth led the service tonight. Prayer requests/praise reports taken. Bro. Jack Essary led in prayer.

Bro. Hi read Revelations 19:1-21, telling of what will happen at the end of time as we know it. It will be the beginning of life eternal. For those that believe in Christ, it will be a wonderful time. For those that didn’t/don’t believe, hell will be their eternal misery.

After Sunday School, the praise/worship time began with testimonies Dennis House, Gracie Shipley, Jeff Shipley, Melissa Harmon.

Praise continued with congregational singing.

Special music by Melissa Harmon.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning. His scripture was 2 Corinthians 11:1-3.

To serve God is simple through Christ. What must you do to be saved? It’s simple. Ask Jesus to forgive you. Believe like a child that Christ died for you, rose from the grave, and lives today. The simplicity of Christ.

Evening service began with singing. Bro. Bill welcomed everyone. Bro. Jim Lafferty led in prayer.

Kathleen Chaney and grandsons sang for us.

Bro. Jack Essary spoke for us. His scripture was Luke 5:1-11.Wondering what others think has kept a lot of people out of church. We need to wonder what Christ will do. He uses the common uneducated of this world do do great things. Follow Christ and His Word. It will amaze you. Don’t let Satan win. Stop wondering. Find out how good God is. Jesus is coming. Don’t be left behnd.

Come worship with us at Caney. You are welcome.