Breedon – David Williams & Evelyn Harper

Sept. 8th – Breedon Church opened with payer by Heath Kirkland and then Cub read out of Psalms. The adult class studied Revelations 4:8.

David took up the morning offering along with Jaclyn Terry for the chilren’s fund which is used for the children ministries.

Song service began and afterwards, June and Cub sang a special which led up to Heath Kirkland bringing the message from John 3:14-21, and Revelations 3:5 and 21:27.

Closing prayer was from David.

Sunday night service began with the Church singing a few hymns from our song books. We missed Ronnie Thomas being in service, but he wasn’t feeling well for both services.

Evelyn Harper was the Sunday service speaker. She read from a book she had that had a sweet message in it, then from a book Will Haven had written. We enjoyed her reading to us. Judy Willis will be speaking next Sunday evening, if the Lord’s willing. Service was closed by prayer.

Our monthly singing will be this coming Friday night at 7 pm.

Then the Nelson Reunion will be the 21st at Highlonesome. Doors open at 10 a.m. with lunch at noon.

God bless you all.