Breedon – David Williams & Evelyn Harper

Opening prayer was by Evelyn Harper. Classes started with the reading of Psalms 133. The adults studied Jude and Revelation 3.

David took. up the morning offering and the song service begun, Specials were by Ronnie and Sue and Bobbie, Jean sang a solo also, was glad to have her in church with us after her loss of her husband Rick. He will be missed sorely.

Brother Cub read from Matthew 7 and preached from there.

Closing prayer was by Ronnie Thomas.

Sunday evening service started at 6 p.m. with a song service with David leading the songs. David and Susie and Judy sang I Won’t Have to Worry Any More, then Susie sang the song Next Step.

Jaclyn Terry held the evening devotion with a game like Bingo where we had to find certain scripture. If they were called out we placed a token on the spot. Kerry and Cub Lafferty won the game receiving a small bag of chips. May God bless you all in the coming week. A reminder to all Nelsons – the reunion will be September the 21st and singing will be on the 11th of this month.