Black Jack – Carol Murdy

Labor Day!  Already!  How our precious time is flying. 

This holiday of rest was established to honor the workers whose initiative and pride in a job well done brought this nation forward into prosperity.  It was a time when we honored God and He honored us with provisions and growth.  We were seen as a strong nation, a “nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. But when we put God behind us, we lost our “liberty and justice for all “ and gained what we have today— self centeredness rather than doing what is right.  It is God who gives skills and  talents, dreams and visions which brought this nation forward.  Only God can maintain it.  However we must put Him first in our lives so He can do so.

God established a 7-day week with one day for rest.  (Leviticus 23).  Man has added vacations and holidays. God says if we don’t work we shouldn’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10).  But the work of our hands is empty if compassion is not in our hearts. Wouldn’t there not be more peace and understanding if we treated others as we want to be treated?

The decisions made today have a direct/indirect impact on each of us .  Taking prayer out of school has helped the majority how?  Killing our unborn is a good thing how?  Coming against God’s commandments helps how?

Our children are the care takers of the generations before them.  How can they learn to love except they be taught?  “For God so loved the world that He sent His Son….” (John 3:16). God is love.  Love is the most precious labor we should strive to excel at.  We can change the world if we begin today. 

Service begins at 10:00 am. Pastor Vic Murdy can be reached at 417-543-3659 .  Enjoy your holiday!