Wasola – Theta Nokes

My niece, Lisa Bland, went to Mercy Hospital last month where the doctors discovered cancer. Lisa is having radiation treatments for the next few weeks – so many days in Springfield to have the treatment, then home a few days.

Gary had another treatment on July 29, and when we returned to the cancer center to have his pump removed on the 31st, we find our friends from Theodosia. Vi and Jean Plant. Vi is having treatments now. Chemo and radiation five days a week.

Pray for Lisa, Gary and Vi.

Since Roy Frye has moved to Springfield, they sold the stuff on the place, house, and garage stuff and the place is up for sale.

Our son T.J. has been visiting a few days before going on to Memphis, Tennessee to his next job. Sympathy to the Sue Nance Family.

Dana Braeal, Wyatt, and Liviya Wharton, Zamber and Cole Little visited us Friday night. 

School starts this week, so watch out for the children. Pray for the bus drivers, treachers and students that everyone stays safe.

Remember today is unique. It has never occurred before and it will never be repeated.