The Pot Thickens: Status of Medical Marijuana Availability in Missouri

by Michael Boyink /

Six grand and change.

That’s the average fee amount paid by businesses looking to open a medical marijuana dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, or testing facility in Missouri.

The application period was open from August 3rd to August 19th. During that time, the State of Missouri received a total of 2163 applications. 1,200 applications came in during the final three days. 800 applications in the final 24 hours.

The process was intensive, with the State requiring applicants to fill in dozens of documents answering dozens of questions about topics including:

  • Business principals character, background, qualifications and experience
  • Business plan
  • Site security
  • Experience in a cannabis market
  • Plans for creating a positive impact on the community
  • Plan to remain competitive in a medical use marketplace 
  • Experience with marijuana testing
  • Experience in agriculture, horticulture or health care
  • Experience with health care, location and accessibility for patients
  • Experience with food and beverage manufacturing

Now they wait.

Blind-scoring of the applications is being done by a 3rd party – Wise Health Solutions from Carson City, Nevada. 

The state has 150 days to notify an applicant whether they received a license or not.

And after all that work, and all that expense? 

Most will get turned down.

Missouri plans to award 348 total licenses. 192 Dispensaries, 60 cultivation facilities, 86 manufacturing facilities, and 10 testing labs.

The State of Missouri won’t have details about applicant types and locations for several weeks, but looking strictly at the numbers, roughly 1700 applicants will not be awarded licenses. 

For the lucky few who get a license,  the work will have only just begun.

Real estate transactions will need to be finalized, building infrastructures put in place, employees hired, and training programs implemented.

When the first fruits of the project will be available is anyone’s guess, but most sources estimate the middle of next year.