The Father’s House – Susan Cook

Our morning started with prayer. We lifted our requests to the Lord and thanked Him for all He has done for us. The Adult Sunday School class continued their study in Galatians chapter 3. The youth class studied about baptism from Romans 6:4.

We sang praises to our Lord, then Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from Matthew 14:14-20.

“Is it enough?” The crowd was large. About 5,000 men plus women and children. Jesus had just spent the day ministering to this huge crowd. The disciples told Jesus that it was getting late, and everyone was hungry so they should send them away to find something to eat. But Jesus said, “They need not depart, give them to eat.” The disciples searched and found only a boy with five loaves of bread and two fish. The boy offered it for Jesus to use to feed the crowd. The disciples did not think it was enough, but Jesus said, “bring it to me.” Has there ever been a time when you saw a need and had so little to give that you thought what’s the use, it will never be enough to make a difference? You can hear Jesus saying, “bring it to Me”, but you doubt it will be of any help, so you don’t give? The disciples didn’t think it would be enough, but they obeyed Jesus and brought the small lunch to the Lord. Jesus blessed the food and started to break up the loaves and the fish. The crowd was all fed and there were even leftovers. 

So many times, we hear Jesus telling us, “Don’t send them away, give them what they need.” We may not think we have anything that will be enough to help, but still we hear Jesus saying, “bring it to me.” It may be money, time, prayer, a helping hand. Whatever we bring to Jesus, He will bless, and he will see that the need is met. So, when you see a need and feel Jesus asking you to give, don’t think of how much good you can do, think of how much good Jesus can do.

We all went to Brother Ken and Sister Vickie’s house after service for a baptism. Three souls showed their love and commitment to Jesus today. Praise God. We had a BBQ and a good time of fellowship afterwards. Have a blessed week.