Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

Good morning to all of you from here on our mountain. I know, as normal I am way behind. I guess I will try to catch up a little bit. 

One Sunday our pastor Jon was sick so we had James Orick preach for us, we all enjoyed having him come and fill in for us. He was our pastor for years and is like family to me. Jon was feeling better by Sunday night and was back with us, that shows the power of prayer, because we had all said a special prayer for him that morning.

This past week was our VBS, and is was wonderful. We had 40 total kids. I never got a total count of all the helpers, but we could never do without all our wonderful volunteers. I hope they all know how much we appreciate each and every one of them. We always go together with Mt. Olive and Breedon Church and it just seems to work out so great. We hope everyone continues to pray that the seeds of God’s love that were planted continue to grow.

I always get such a blessing watching the faces of the little ones as we sing the songs and each night we end with the song Father Abraham, and by the last night even the little ones are following along with the motions.

Well, I guess kids will be getting all ready for school now, so we need to keep them in our prayers that they are safe and that they have a great school year.

‘Til next time take care and God bless.