County Line – Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson came by on Monday. She and Macee Breeding came by on Wednesday after school.

Jo Stephens went to Springfield on Friday. Max and Kathy Stephens took her.

Donna came by on Friday.

Lisa Hensley visited Jo and John on Saturday.

Megan Goforth came home from college on Friday. On Saturday she and Quin Breeding, Macee Breeeding, Mike Dodson and I all had lunch. Then all but Mike went to get groceries.

Quin and Macee attended church with David and Donna on Sunday. They brought me dinner after church.

Debra Reed of Kansas called me on Sunday. Michael Dodson came by on Sunday on his way to visit Cass Cornett and Ruger. He and Bryse had been to Springfield.

Happy Birthday in September to Diana Lynn Rogers, Juanita Kazenske, Laken Grace Bushong and Grant Kearn. I wish them many more.

Happy Anniversary to Keith and Melanie Breeding Sept. 30th.