County Line – Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. Bryse Dodson was given a fishing trip with Rick Burchette for his 17th birthday on Monday. He saw Donna Dodson that evening to get his birthday card, gift, cupcakes and cookies.

Reece Goforth of Sringfield came down to Ava on Tuesday. He has Sunday and Tuesday off on his job.

Donna Dodson & Macee Breeding came by on Wednesday. Donna also came by on Thursday. Mike Dodson, and Bryse, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan, Quin, and Macee all went to the Springfield Cardinals game on Thursday evening. It was a gift from Hutchens Industries to their employees.

Diana Pool Rogers of Texas arrived in Branson on Friday to visit family and friends. On Saturday, she and Terri Conners went to the Eaton Cemetery to decorate Dannys grave. It was his birthday. They vsited vickie Bledsoe and Virginia Berry, then came to Ava to my house. Others here for the fish fry, cake, and pitch were Jo and John Stephens, Jerry Pool, Lisa Hensley, Bentley Iott, Butch and Diana Davis, Mike Dodson and Cassanra Cornett, Bryse Dodson Zach Mendel, and Donna Dodson.

Diana and Terri also stopped to see Rheba Pool.

Keith and Melanie, Megan and Macee went to Springfield on Saturday.

Those visiting Jo and John on Sunday were Lisa Hensley, Josh Strong, Leon and Jane Potter, Max and Kathy Stephens.

Reece visited David and Donna on Sunday. He cut Quin’s hair for school, so he visited his mom, and Keith, Megan and Macee. He also visited Morgan Clements.

Maggie and Josie Potter spent Sunday night with Macee Breeding.

Bryse Dodson mowed my yard Saturday.