County Line – Veda Bushong

Congratulations to Lyle and Janice Bushong who were married on Saturday. Donna Dodson was here on Monday.

Those here on Thursday were Lyn and Linda Rogers, Clinton and Faye Bushong, all of Illinois, Mike Dodson, Donna and Macee Breeding, Diana and Butch Davis.

Donna and I went to get groceries on Friday.

Butch and Diana Davis and I went to Brixey on Saturday to Lyle and Janice Bushong’s wedding. There was a big crowd there. I didn’t get all the names. His mom, my sister Juanita, and all of his brothers and sister and families came in from Illinois.

David and Donna Dodson and Macee Breeding went to Springfield on Saturday. Reece Goforth met them for lunch. Reece came to Ava Saturday night and Sunday to visit family and friends.

Those here on Sunday were John and Jo Stephens, Michael Dodson, Donna, Megan Goforth, Butch and Diana Davis, Lyn and Linda Rogers,  Leounel and Lynn Bushong and Juanita Kazenske. Leonuel and Lynn Bushong and Juanita spent the night Sunday with me.