Breedon – David Williams & Evelyn Harper

Aug. 18 – Morning service opened by prayer given by Evelyn. We read Psalm 131 and began Sunday School. The adult class studied and read from 2 Peter 2:1 and also from John 2. The questions and answers were given and the morning offerings were taken up by David Williams.

After morning song service, Sue and Wilma sang a special and then Kerry sang a song. Brother Cub preached from Matthew 5. Closing prayers were given by Ronnie Thomas.

The church met again at 6 for the evening service. It was a surprise to see Sister Debbie from Springfield join us. 

We are saddened by the passing of Rick Crawshaw. The family needs your prayers and support. Rick has suffered many years from cancer in his mouth and was in remission. He will be sadly missed and very much loved. He was the husband of Jean Crawshaw, Cub’s daughter. We know he is at rest now and walking with his Lord he dearly loved.

After many specials that were sung by Judy, Susie and David, and a duet with Susie and Debbie, Sister Lisa sang a special too.

Susie then brought the evening message from Psalms 21. The church took their part in the discussion. A wonderful time was had by all who attended. 

Next week, Sue Thomas and Jaclyn will be giving the message, then the following week, Jaclyn herself. We love our young people.

We have a newly called minister who will be preaching Sunday. Heath Kirkland has proclaimed he has been called to the ministry and this will be his first time standing up and preaching God’s word. Come and support him

Please note, the Nelson Reunion will be Saturday, September 21 starting at 10 a.m. at Highlonesome Church. 

Aug. 11 – Church started with the reading of the 131st Psalm, Wilma Hampton said the morning prayer. The Adult class read and studied 1 Peter 4 along with 2nd Peter 1. Questions and answeres were put off til next week as many were out on vacation. Bill Harper said the prayer before offerings were taken up by David Williams. After morning songs were sung, David and Judy sang. Others singing the specials were Sydney Willis, Lisa Lafferty, and Judy Willis. Brother Cub brought the morning message from Psalms 34. Closing prayer was by Michael Willis.

Evening service began with singing from our hymn books. Then Judy Willis sang a special, and David Williams played a song on the piano that his mother used to sing.

David Williams brought the evening message from 1 Thessalonians 4:16 focusing on the Dead in Christ. I then read the Revelations Chapter 21. Church was dismissed and Judy Willis and David Williams and Kerry and Lisa all went to Cubs and enjoyed dinner that David had made and we fellowshipped after.

Come be a part of us. God bless you all until next week.