Breedon David Williams & Evelyn Harper

Church was opened by reading Psalms 95. Evelyn Harper said the morning prayer. Sunday School class was in Peter 1-3, followed by the Sunday School questions and answers. Ronnie said the Morning Prayer over the offerings. David Williams and Jacelyn took them up. The church then sang some songs and Judy Willis sang a special. It sure was pretty.

Brother Cub then read from Matthew Chapter 5, The Beatitudes, which always blesses so many. Church was dismissed and all went home for the evening.

Then at 6 p.m., we gathered for evening services. We opened by singing some of the harder songs we haven’t sung in a while, but we all enjoyed them very much. Many specials were sung and enjoyed by Ronnie and Sue Thomas, Judy Wilis, Lisa Lafferty and Sue Sisco.

On Sunday nights, we here at Breedon take turns with the evening service. Each of us get up and talk about what the Holy Spirit lays on our hearts. It was Judy Willis’ night to get up and share  with the congregation what was on her heart. All enjoyed her comments and we all commented on the text she read. Closing prayer was by Ronnie Thomas. Next week David Williams will be speaking.

This coming Friday night will be our Monthly Singing at 7 p.m. Bring a song and a covered dish and help us as we praise the Lord!