Trinity Lutheran – Richard Sturgeon

July 21, 2019 – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost. 

Perhaps the church, at its best, is “all ears,” Almighty God urges the faithful, again and again, to “listen up!” — to heed the word from above – so it was with Abraham and Sarah, with Mary and Martha, and the early church at Colossae. So it is today as we join the assembly to hear the word of God, the words of life.

“…in [you] all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). 

Thank you for holding me together, for holding my loved ones, for holding our world. Amen.

As Abraham and Sarah welcomed the Lord by the oaks of Mamre and were told they would have a son (Genesis 18), I welcome you to worship and we welcome God among us. Let us listen for God’s good news for today!

Join us today for our regular potluck following worship. Food is always plentiful. 

TOPS will be using the church beginning at 9:00 AM Tuesday.

9:30 am Sunday – Adult Bible class and Sunday School.

10:45 am Sunday – Worship with Communion.

July 21 Lector: Karen Strohschein 

Next Sunday’s Lector: Lesa Berg

Pastor was back after being gone for a couple of weeks after being bit by a copperhead still needs some time off of his feet.

It was good having him back.

Today the President of the Ava Lions club presented a check to Trinity for the use of the facility for the Ava Lions Club walk/run. The check will be donated to Options Pregnancy. Also, the church was presented a plaque from the Lions Club.