The Father’s House – Susan Cook

We had a wonderful service this morning. We opened with prayer and began our Sunday school classes. Sister Susan taught the youth class from Genesis chapter 1, “In the beginning”. They learned about how God created everything, and how we should give thanks to Him for all He has given us.

We had a time of praise and worship and sang many songs for our Lord. Special songs were sung by Sister Sharon, brother John and Brother Travis and by Sister Susan.

Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from one simple verse this morning. Galatians chapter 5, verse 1. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free.” We are already beginning to celebrate the freedom that was hard fought and won for our country. We honor those who laid down their lives for that very freedom. We stand for our country’s national anthem. We stand in awe of the fireworks that fill the sky. But do we stand for the One who fought for the eternal freedom of our souls? Do we sing anthems to the One who laid down His life in exchange for ours? Do we stand in awe at the thought of Jesus rising from the grave to declare victory over death and secure our eternal freedom with Him? Do we stand fast in the freedom Christ has given? Or have we allowed ourselves to become entangled once again in sins bondage? Jesus fought the battle, Jesus won the victory, Jesus has secured freedom for all who will believe, repent and receive Him. 

As we celebrate our country’s freedom this year, and honor those who fought so bravely for it, let us not forget to celebrate, honor and give thanks to Jesus for the eternal freedom of our souls. 

Our evening service started with prayer and songs of praise to our Lord.

Brother John brought God’s message, “The Famous One”. We all think we would like to know someone famous, or maybe be related to someone who is famous. Wouldn’t that be great? But would that famous person have any time for us? Would that famous person even want to spend time with us? It may be that that famous person wouldn’t even notice us at all. After all, we are just common people. Well, the most famous name in the world wants to spend time with us. That most famous One wants us to get to know Him personally. Jesus is the Famous One. His fame is everlasting, yet He wants us to be a part of His plan. He already knows us and loves us. Do you know Him? Not only that Jesus, the Famous One, wants us to be a part of His family. If you ever start to feel like you are a nobody just remember that the most Famous name in the world loves you.