Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

Dear Readers of the Douglas County Herald, I’ll see if I can think of a little bit to write about on this really hot day. I think most places are getting the heat right now. We’re in the low nineties with heat indexes over 100º. I had two hanging plants and the rain ruined them. It wouldn’t do any good to get more because the heat would ruin them same as last year. Maybe I will just work with the bird feeders. 

I haven’t seen any hummers this year. Maybe I  waited too long to put their feeder out. I saw a goldfinch out there so I need to put some thistle seeds out for them. My doctor said the hummers are just thick at his place and he put jelly out for the orioles and they’re thick too. 

I think I hear the mailman out there. Yes, it was him, so I’ll mail this tomorrow. Maybe it’ll get there in time.

I looked at the thermometer and it’s 95º right now. Last year it was too cold in the winter to do anything and too hot in the summer. So it’s the same this year. 

Daughter Anita came up a few days ago and did some deep cleaning. I bagged up a lot of clothes and things and she hauled it down to Goodwill when she went home. Most of my clothes are too big since I lost the weight and most of them are still new. I just don’t go anywhere anymore to dress up. At Zoe’s graduation party I was the only one who wore a dress. But that’s okay. 

We’re supposed to get severe storms tonight. That’s nearly always the same every day and/or night. So far it’s come close, but missed us.

I guess I’ll get rid of most of my ‘treasures’ now. I left a lot of them in the farm house, but still have too much. They don’t do me any good packed up in boxes and taking up space. 

Right now, it’s just too hot even with the A/C on. I’ll just sit and sort things out until it cools off. We’re gonna have to be brave enough to get out and buy a few groceries –maybe after the sun goes down.

They held the Quad Cities Air Show this past weekend and that always seems like the hottest place on earth. I’ve gone several times but I won’t go again as much as I do like to watch the Blue Angels perform. I’ve seen them 4 or 5 times and got their autographs once. 

Well, I’m grabbing at straws trying to think of something to write about that might be of interest to someone.

Hello to all my friends and relatives who still live in Missouri. I hope all of you are keeping cool. Are the creeks as cool as they used to be? They always felt good after you got in and got used to it.

Well I guess I  may as well say, “I trust you Jesus, and I believe in angels.” Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Bye, bye for now.