Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

 It was a wonderful, hot, summer day as we began our worship service. We had pledges, singing and prayers, followed by a good Sunday school lesson. We had visitors which always makes us happy and hope to have others join us, also.

Brother Charles read from Deuteronomy 1 and 2 for his message titled, “Moving Day.” This is the story of Moses as the children of Israel are preparing for their journey to the promised land. If you have ever moved, you know there are lots of things to be done before the actual move happens. God prepares us for our moving day or homegoing, each day we follow Him.

Our best wishes and prayers to Sister Gladys Peak for her upcoming surgery.

Shirley and Amy Hutchison spent  the weekend with Harold and Kay Hutchison and attended church at Mt. Tabor.

Danny and Kim Clements came by one evening to visit Harold and Kay and mowed the yard, good help.

Miss Nora Elliott attended church with Jewell Elliott Sunday morning.

Mac Mitchell stayed awhile Monday morning for a short visit with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Miss Claire Clements stayed the evening with Harold and Kay Hutchison while Dylan and Morgan were having the Friday evening out.

Jewell Elliott attended the reunion of her class of 1960 from Mtn. Grove High School. They had a good turnout for breakfast and visiting.