Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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Opening morning service was Doug Miller. In our Sunday School class we studied God’s covenant to Abraham, an everlasting one. God fulfilled his promises.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Gina (Welker) Martin and special song was by Rod and Joanne Welker.

Sister Frances Humbyrd was our guest speaker this week and her morning message was on prayer from Matthew Chapter 7. Ask and it will be given to you. This is confidence if we ask anything of Him, if it be His divine will.

A large crowd attended the fireworks and food display at Gentry Church Friday night and also Saturday night at Doug and Sheila Miller’s and Steve and Vicki Miller’s. Gina Clinkingbeard suffered a sprained ankle during the evening, so our prayers went out to her and Dale Montgomery, Beverly Tetrick, and a little four-month old infant Rowan Wood, who lives in Indiana and has leukemia and her folks would appreciate our prayers. Also my brother, Warren Henderson, who is having some heart valve problems. And many others.

In our evening service, our special song was by Hannah Stewart. Sis. Humbyrd’s message was from John Chapter 17. We are not of this world. Just keep on showing your love to the world. God is able to take us through this world. 

We appreciate Sis. Frances for filling in for her brother, Bill Comer, this week. She did a good job.

Visiting with Janice Young this 4th of July was her sister, Pat Byrd, and visiting with the Reich family was granddaughter Hannah and husband Adam Stewart.