Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

Hello to all of you from here on our mountain. We have had a great time during the fourth of July holiday. It is a time to remember those that fought and gave their lives for us to have the freedom to live and worship here in this great land of America.

We spent the fourth with my brother and sister-in-law, Howard and Phyllis. We shared a good meal and played some games. We even went out and played some pickle ball. We then got to sit and watch some fireworks. Their grandson lit some for us to enjoy and so did lots of their neighbors. It was a nice relaxing evening.

At Eastern Gate, we had our get together Saturday night. We started with singing a few patriotic songs. I told them that the ball teams would be calling us to sing the anthem for them we were so good, lol. In reality, I just never did get to where I could play it very good so it is hard to sing when I kept hitting the wrong the notes. Do you think maybe I ought to practice before next year? ( I will remember that about five minutes before I have to play it again).

We ended singing Amazing Grace and then gathered together to share a good meal and fellowship. When it got dark, they lit some fireworks.

Sunday, Jon preached about showing God’s love for your neighbor. We need to make sure that people feel welcome at church and that they always feel God’s love when they are there.

We are getting ready for our VBS to start on the 29th so I hope everyone is praying and making plans. It takes kids and adults to have a successful week together showing kids about God and planting His seeds.

Well, that’s all for now. Find a church where you feel God’s love and can feel Him in your heart. Till next time take care.