County Line – Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She took Quin Breeding and Macee Breeding to the ball fields. Bryse Dodson also was there.

Megan Goforth spent a few days at the lake with Regan Koop.

Amy Jo Croney of Marshfield called me on Tuesday. Debra Reed of Kansas also called. Butch and Diana Davis came by. Donna Dodson and Macee Breeding were here on Wednesday. Macee spent Wed. and Thursday nights with Maggie Potter.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan, Quin, and Macee visited Lionel and Leslie Potter and family on Thursday evening.

Keith and Melanie spent Thursday evening til Sunday evening in Mt. Vernon with Keith’s brothers and other family.

David and Donna Dodson went to Branson on Thursday.

Megan, Macee, and Quin visited Lewis and Kayla Lakey and family on Friday evening. Megan and Donna were here Friday afternoon.

Donna, Quin, Macee, and I went to lunch and shopping on Saturday. We saw Chase Dodson and Dallee Porter. 

Quin spent Saturday night with Nick Lawler. David missed church Sunday as he wasn’t feeling good.

Max and Kathy Stephens, Leon and Jane Potter, all visited Jo and John Stephens on Sunday.

Reece Goforth of Springfield spent Sunday night with David and Donna. He had also visited some friends and family. He mowed Keith’s yard for him.

Donna visited Mike and Cass after church Sunday evening. They and Roger had spent several days with her dad and family in Warsaw, MO.

Bryse Dodson went to Marshfield to the Derby with some friends.

Ronnie and Amy Croney and family and friends, Butch and Diana Davis, all went to Bull Shoals, Arkansas on Saturday.