Breedon – Sue Thomas & Evelyn Harper

Pastor Cub Lafferty began service with the reading of Psalms 87. Evelyn dismissed to classes with prayer.

The children’s lesson was from Daniel Chapter 3. The three Hebrew boys were stedfast in their faith and would not bow to the King’s statue. The King’s furnace had no effect on the young men when the son of God was with them.

The adult class read and discussed Hebrews chapter 8-10. Questions were answered and seven more asked for next week.

David Williams asked the blessing in prayer for the offerings and he and Jacelyn Terry collected the offerings. We sang Happy Birthday to Kerry Lafferty. 

After congregational singing, Ronnie and Sue Thomas, with Judy Willis sang a special. Then, Judy sang a solo.

Silas Maggard brought the message from Jeremiah 2:11-13 and 18:2-8. Do we need to get back on the Potter’s wheel? 

The invitation was extended and the altar was used for prayer before Ronnie dismissed the service in prayer. 

Sunday night service began with singing. Evelyn led the devotional and began with prayer. She then shared information about Abraham and how we can be like him, a man of God.