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June 23, 2019 Second Sunday after Pentecost. This Sunday’s texts paint starting pictures of the horrific – the demonic-nature of sin. The church’s repeated celebration of the holy communion counters that tragic reality in a continued showing forth of the death of Jesus “until he comes.” It is a dramatic declaration of “how much God has done for you.”

Preparation for worship

Thank you, Jesus, that even amid my faith questions, you hold me in your embrace and save me.

“In Christ Jesus [we] are all Children of God” (Galatians 3:26). Welcome to worship as we celebrate such good news.

We welcome and invite to our Lord’s Table all those baptized persons who truly believe that Christ is present in the elements of bread and wine. We serve both the chalice and the small cup. If you prefer the chalice, please refuse the small cup.

Happy Birthday today to Christian Adams and to Karin Becker and to Jacob Hall on Thursday, the 27th.

      • 9:00 am Tues. – TOPS will be using the building
      • 9:30 am Sun. – Adult Bible class and Sunday School.
      • 10:45 am Sun. – Worship 
      • Noon Next Sunday – Potluck

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June 23 Lector: Laura Wittorff Next Sunday’s Lector: Nels Christenson.