The Father’s House – Susan Cook

We started our morning with prayers of thanks to our Lord. Then we lifted our requests. Our Sunday school class was combined adults and youth together. We listened to a testimony of a man who had been given a vision of what his future would be if he continued on the path he was on. We believe that God spoke to people in the Bible with visions and dreams, but do we believe God still does that today? This man spoke of the terrors of hell. He spoke of the punishment we all face if we do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior. God gave him this vision as a warning to share with others. We believe that heaven is real, but we must also believe that hell is real too.

Brother John brought God’s message this morning, “Do you love Me?’ He read from Matthew chapter 26, verses 26-35. Peter promises to never deny Christ. To always stand for Him. But as we continued on to verses 69-75 we see that Peter did deny Christ three times. Do we make promises to God that we have broken? In the passion of a moment do we promise our unfailing love and faithfulness to God only to find ourselves denying Him in times of fear, struggle and trials? When Peter realized he had broken his promise to Jesus, he wept bitterly, he repented. Then in John chapter 21, verses 1-7 Jesus asked Peter “Lovest thou me?” Peter said yes Lord you know I do. And Jesus said “Go feed my lambs” Again Jesus asked Peter “Lovest thou me?”Again Peter said yes. Jesus said “feed my sheep” A third time Jesus asked Peter “Lovest thou me?” Again Peter said Yes. Jesus said “Feed My sheep.” 

We read how Peter continued in his life to serve the Lord by spreading God’s word. He showed his love of Jesus by doing what Jesus asked him to do. Do we love Jesus? Are we doing the simple thing He asks of us? Are we feeding His sheep?

Our evening service stated with songs of praise to our Lord. We had a wonderful time of praise and worship. Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from Psalms 100. Make a joyful noise. Serve the Lord with gladness. Know that the Lord is God. Enter His gates with thanksgiving. The Lord is good His mercy endureth to all generations. It is so wonderful to hear everyone join in praise to our Lord at church. But what about when we are somewhere else? Do we continue to praise God in every moment of our life? Does our life show the joy that we received when we gave our heart to Jesus? Do we still have that joy, that desire to share what we have with others? If we continue to let this world drag us down and we neglect to give praise and thanks to our Lord in all things, our joy will grow dim. We will not be a light shining God’s love on others. We can sing our praise to God every moment of our lives. We should let others around us hear our praise, our thankfulness, our love for the Lord, in our words and they should see it in the way we live our life. Just think how many people would be reached with God’s message just by living a life of praise.  Make a joyful noise! God’s mercy for us endureth forever!