Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

I’ve been remembering the olden days and the old, familiar places that stood on the Gainesville square: The Times office, of course, and the offices of Dr. White and Dr. Bushong, Ford’s and McDonald’s stores. Later on, Grady’s and Johnson’s store sold name-brand shoes and clothes. I got my boys’ first Levi’s at Johnson’s. Before that, we ordered most of our clothes from the Sears, Montgomery Ward, or National Bellas Hess catalogs. The good thing was, at Johnson’s, the boys could try on the Levi’s to make sure they fit before we bought them. When ordering from the catalogs, a 3-cent stamp was all it took to order. We never phoned in an order.

I had a nice visit with Marlyn Atkinson when he was here to decorate family graves at Bakersfield and Isabella. He lives in Excelsior Springs and will be coming back to visit soon. I look forward to his visits.

Thanks to my friend Loretta Davis for a jar of her homemade jelly, which she brought when she came recently to visit and to share some recent church bulletins since I haven’t been able to go to services. She and I enjoyed also visiting with Beulah Satterfield by phone. Beulah lives in Sparta now. She asked if I had seen the new monument for her husband Merle at Lilly Ridge Cemetery. Her son Roger had brought her down to see it recently.

My catalpa tree has had many pretty blooms recently. Its start came from my sister Edith Adamson’s former home, where Shirley Hambelton lives now. My sister and her husband Lloyd, planted the tree in the 1930s. Catalpa trees are very pretty – and the catalpa worms make good fishing bait, although I never liked stringing them onto the fish hook!

Cousin Johnnalee Suter recently had some help with her household jobs.

I’m looking forward to our family get-together that Lyle Mishler is planning for July 3 at The Center. We’ll be celebrating our July birthdays and also Helen Connardy’s on June 30. Mine is July 1, my daughter Kris’ is July 16, and Karen’s is July 29. We are all showing signs of getting older. And where did all this white hair come from? I always had dark hair until recently, and my, my! It has sure turned white.

I hope everyone has a pleasant Fourth of July. When my children were younger and living at home, our neighbor Jim Reed had a store. He and his wife and son had come from St. Louis. They sold firecrackers in the store, and the young folks really enjoyed the firecrackers. Our big front yard was a loud place that week before the Fourth. But I wouldn’t let my children light the firecrackers. I always did the lighting – or supervised it­ – so there wouldn’t be any catastrophes.

The raccoons have been visiting here. My neighbor caught the one that had been eating the catfood on my porch. He relocated it somewhere near or across the river, so it now has new territory to explore.

A good thought to remember: If you want a good friend, get a goat. But remember: don’t ever turn your back on it!