Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

The grass is growing fast! My neighbor Shane’s yard looks so nice since he mowed it again. Kris got ours done Monday, so it’s looking good too. Our red roses are pretty. My neighbor Paralee Rea’s roses have even more blooms than ours.

The “smoke trees” in my yard are pretty. They’re really bushes, but they’re called trees by most folks.

Kris’ friend from St. Louis brought her a car to borrow until she can get hers fixed. Her granddaughter Alexus Owens left for camp at Siloam Springs, Arkansas, this morning (Monday) with a group from the First Baptist Church in Mountain Home, Arkansas, where she often attends. Alexus also enjoyed getting to go on a boat ride this past weekend at Branson. She has had a busy summer so far, also spending some time at Cloud 9 with her dad.

My daughter Karen took flowers to the Lilly Ridge Cemetery. I’m still hoping to get there to visit before long. Growing older may seem nice for some people, but it also means growing slower. Some say it’s better than the alternative. I’ve heard that before!

My former neighbor Beulah Satterfield came down to decorate, but I missed visiting with her.

In past years, we clipped our favorite roses and peonies – a favorite – and put them in glass fruit jars to set on the graves. Back then I had both pink and white peonies, as well as irises. We used natural flowers back then rather than the store-bought variety most common today. Occasionally we’d have a potted plant that would withstand the weather and the sunshine for a while.

This time of year, my memories go back to June 10, 1939, when Eldon Pitcock and I were married. This year would have been our 80th anniversary. Our friends gave us a chivaree. It was a Sunday evening – thank goodness it was before bedtime. They rode us on a rail and threw Eldon in the creek – and you know the water wasn’t very deep! Billy Lightener, son of Hazel Blair, was one of the culprits. It was all in good fun, and we survived it. We were married 32 years before Eldon passed away of cancer.

There’s not a lot going on out here. I visit across the road occasionally with Paralee. Loretta Davidson is carrying on the gardening tradition that her husband Harry used to do before his death.

My “adopted” son Marlyn Atkinson and I continue to stay in touch. He visits from his home in Excelsior Springs occasionally, as he did a few weeks ago. He also has friends in the Bakersfield area and graves that he decorates there.