Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

Oh gee, aint’ it funny how time slips away? It does for me anyway. First of all, I want to say how sad and sorry I am to hear of the passing of Lavona Twitty. I was surprised too. I had been meaning to call and talk to her ever since G.A. passed away, but I had to get her phone number from Anita and kept forgetting. I always wait too long to call or visit my friends and then it’s too late. Also I let time get away from me about writing my letter to the Herald too. I need to do better. Seems like there’s always so many things I’m needing to do, but don’t get much of it done. 

I have got two loads of items ready and took to Goodwill, I’ve still got too much to fit in this little apartment after being in the big farm house. And we’re having inspection again on the 27th and I’ve got to find a place to put everything and try to get more to take to Goodwill. It’s just that I like my things and don’t like to get rid of them. I do a lot of crafting and so I have a big supply of yarn and beads and other things, and since I lost so much weight, my clothes are too big – some of them, well most of them really. Some I haven’t even worn yet, so I hate to get rid of them as I may be able to wear at least some of them again.

Last Thursday, we took some things to Goodwill and then went to my chiropractor as I hadn’t been for probably a year or more. He said I really needed it. I told him how I’d been sick for so long and he said I should have come to him and he could have fixed it. He said to come back in a couple of days, but I haven’t. I plan to try and get more stuff ready for Goodwill and go back this Thursday and back to him. It sure makes my back feel good after I’ve been and my neck too. I guess it was last Friday when we went. 

Anita usually gets Thursday off before the weekend she has to work, but last week she got Friday off instead and we met her at the diner for lunch. We always enjoy visiting with Anita and all our families. His daughter Berta and Denny from East Moline, IL met us at a restaurant last Saturday and bought our breakfast. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, mostly because the weather has been so bad on the weekends for so long. It was good to see them again. 

My granddaughter is expecting a baby boy in December. 

That’s Lisa and it’s her son Jacob that’s got the baby boy about 3 months old. His name is River and the new baby will be River’s uncle and younger than River and it will be Jacob’s little brother. It’s funny how these little miracles happen like that. 

I was sorry to see where my Aunt Betty Maggard passed away. I guess that’s the end of my aunts and uncles now.  My aunt Dory Maggard was in the nursing home when my mom was. I don’t remember which one passed first. Aunt Dory, Betty and my mom, Mary Maggard were all married to brothers. It had been a long time since my mom had seen any of them. I saw my Aunt Betty a few years ago in Ava when she was having a yard sale and I stayed and talked to her awhile and I had stopped to see Aunt Dory not too long before she went to the nursing home. Of course, she didn’t know me. 

I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. So take care of yourselves and each other. Bye-bye for now.