Happy Home – Pam Mathews

Opening pledges by Bro. Russ and Sister Sharon. Sunday School lesson references 1 Chronicles 1-29. The Chronicle of God’s People, Israel, lead by Bro. John. Practical Application of the lesson: David was committed to leading his people to worship God. He brought the ark into the capital, led the people in worship, and prepared the nation for the construction of the temple. What do you do to celebrate God’s goodness to you?

Announcements given by Bro.Russ. Coins for Christ collected by Sister Pam. Offering and prayer collected by Bro. Russ and Bro Norman. Praising the Lord through song with Specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Juanita.

Our message today was brought to us by Bro. Russ.  The Title of the sermon was “God’s Blessed Man “  The main reading was from Psalm 1. The way of the blessed man is to meditate upon the Lord day and night, to be like a tree planted by the rivers and to be fruitful. A blessed man will prosper and his walk and talk will match. The fruit he bears will be of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. What does your tree look like? Does it need pruning? Are your roots weak because they’re not planted in the Lord day and night?

Sunday evening service began with singing for the Lord. We formed the prayer circle and each prayed. Bro John sang a special. The evening message was “The Greatest Mistake We Can Make”, Numbers 32:23.  Everyone makes mistakes. Some are life-changing and some you look back at and have to laugh. But the greatest mistake is thinking we can get away with sin. Sin began in the garden of Eden and continues on today. Some many times we think no one is looking, I am the only one here, no one can see me.  Wrong. God sees all things and you cannot hide from God.  You may think you got away with the act of sinning but judgment day you will answer to God and he is the only one that we have to please.  Good news is sins can be forgiven 1 Corinthians 15:3-4).  

Let us continue to grow our faith through God’s Holy Word and prayer. May our trees be fruitful, our sins few and forgiven each day, and may we be blessed by God’s love.

If you have no church we would love to have you at Happy Home Church. Have a blessed week. Look to God for all your needs.