Gentryville – Ella May Daugherty

May 31 – A beautiful late spring morning, everything is sure blooming and green. But the grass sure grows fast in the yard, doesn’t it?

Tracy Griffith came over last Friday and we went to the Hurst and New Hope cemeteries, then she too, me to Mountain Grove to get groceries.

On Saturday, Will, Ashley, and Chloe Collins visited Ann Collins, they went to the Hurst Cemetery.

Andy and Sharleen Daughterty came on Monday and I went back to the Hurst Cemetery with them.

Karen Fredrick had a birthday dinner on Monday for her daughter Sirena Melton. Those enjoying it were: Ann Collins, Ella May Daughterty, Bertha and Dean Scherer, Carol Wise, Janet, Paul and Katlyn Smith, Riley O’Shea, Sirena, Jonah Cole, Isabel, Luna, Hope, Karen and Doug. It was good to all get together.

Some of the farmers have cut a little hay this week. I think it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Birthday greetings go out in June to: Carter Chamber (my great grandson) on the 13th; Debbie Hutchison on the 17th; Nova Moss on the 18th; Isabell Bradshaw on the 24th; Eric Campbell’s was the 5th.

I need to wash some quilts and my washer doesn’t spin heavy things out very good.

Tracy is coming to take me to Ava this afternoon for my protime  test.  I hope it is o.k.

Thought for the day: Our divine calling is to be a blessing for others.

Until next time, take care and God bless.