Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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Opening service was Joie Welker and our class studied that Abraham served as an example to us of building relationships as opposed to being self-centered and demanding of others.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Anthony and Tiffany Clem. 

Friday, June 21st is our 3rd Friday night singing at 7 p.m. with snacks afterwards.

All the fathers were recognized on this special day and winning the big prizes were Kim Veverka, Michael Miller, Mitch Allison, and Kenny Eaves.

Our special song “Daddy’s Bible” was sung to the fathers by the choir. Hunter Clem received a certificate for graduating from children’s church.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was relating to the fathers and are the head of the house and should be the children’s guide and pass along what the Bible says to their children and grandchildren. We need our heavenly farther and his forgiveness.

A big crowd attended Gentry’s Fathers Day Fish Fry. We appreciate all the hard work cooking fish and potatoes and a big thank you goes out to Doug, Sheila, Steve, Charley and Glenda Miller and the many others that helped in any way.