County Line – Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. Quin, Bryse, and Macee all had ball practice Monday morning. Quin Beeding played basketball in Mansfield on Tuesday, then Branson on Wednesday and Thursday.

Kathy Stephens and Jane Potter visited Jo and John Stephens on Thursday. Kathy spent the night with them.

Happy Birthday to Jewell Elliott.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with Emma Johnson.

Mike Dodson and Bryse went fishing on Saturday after they put some gravel back in the driveway,

Chase Dodson visited David and Donna on Saturday. Kathy Stephens visited Jo and John on Sunday. Donna and Megan had lunch on Saturday, then Donna took me to get groceries.

Reece Goforth of Springfield visited David and Donna, Keith and Mealnie Breeding, and Morgan Clements on Saturday after work. He mowed Keith’s yard for his Father’s Day gift.

Keith and Melanie went to Mt Vernon on Sunday to visit his family.

Megan, Quin, and Macee attended church with David and Donna Sunday morning.

Donna and Macee brought me lunch after church.

Macee played ball in Mtn. Grove on Thursday evening.

Megan and friend Bradley went to Mtn. Grove on Thursday evening to go bowling. Megan visited him in Branson Sunday evening.

Happy Birthday in July to Amy Croney, Debra Reed, Linda Rogers, Seth Hensley, Grant Kearn, Challa Watkins, Dorothy Curtis, Mike Strong, and Dylan Iott.

Happy Anniversary to Butch and Diane Davis July 4th.