County Line – Veda Bushong

Congratulations to the newlyweds Leon Potter and Jane Call, Kirby Skyles and Crystal Lee, Casey Salazar and Brawyn Robertson.

May 26 – Last Monday, Donna Dodson, Macee Breeding and Quin Breeding, Mike Dodson and Cassandra Cornett and I all attended the baseball game in Ava. I got to watch my great-grandson Bryse pitch and they won the game.

On Wednesday, Mike, Cass, Donna, Quin, and Macee went to Westphalia to the baseball game. Macee spent the night with Donna and David.

Brittany and Lynnox Torres arrived in Branson on Wednesday and stayed til Saturday to visit family. On Saturday, they came here and went home to Kansas on Monday.

Donna and Macee came by on Thursday. Debbie and Johnnie Reed got here on Friday and went home to Kansas on Monday.

Others here on Friday were Diane and Butch Davis, Challa Watkins, Donna, Megan, and Macee.

Diane, Debra, Donna, and I went to Mtn. Grove on Saturday to Branwyn and Casey’s wedding. I wish them many years of happiness.

Those here Saturday evening were Johnny, Debra, Brittany, Lynnox, Butch, Diana, Rheba Pool, Donna, Mike and Cassandra, and Roger.

On Sunday, Johnny, Debra, Brittany, Lynnox, Butch, Diana, Donna, and Macee all went to Eaton Cemetery. Vicky Bledsoe and Melvin Bushong joined us for dinner. We saw Bill and Betty Souder, James Souder and his wife, Lyle Bushong, and Jan, Debbie Croney, John and Jo Stephens, Max and Kathy Stephens, Ferrell Wayne Berry, J.M. Berry, Chalmer Farrell, Jerry Pool, Virginia Berry and family and others.

When we got back to Ava, Jo Stephens came by and picked up me, Debra, Donna and Macee and drove us though the Ava Cemetery.

Quin Breeding spent Sunday night with Nick.

May 28 – My sympathy to the family of my cousin Nellie (Hale) Hatcher of St. Joseph. 

Donna came by four days this week. On Saturday, Donna, Megan and I went to lunch, then Donna took me to get groceries. Mike came by on Saturday to get a fan he had left here. Bryse Dodson mowed my yard on Sunday. He had fished in a tournament with Levi Evans on Saturday. Chase Dodson and Dallee Porter attended the Tractor Pulls. 

Quin and Macee are playing a lot of ball. Also, Emily and Dylan Iott.

Donna and Megan visited Billy and Holly Williams and children Saturday morning.

Mike and Cass visited with Donna Dodson Saturday evening.

June 10– Donna Dodson was here on Monday. Macee Breeding and Emily Iott played softball Monday in Ava.

Donna took Quin Breeding to Mansfield on Tuesday to play basketball with the Ava JV team. They won both games beating Dora and Conway. He played baseball in Mtn. Grove and Springfield this week also.

He played basketball in Nixa on Thursday and Friday. Donna went to Springfield on Saturday to watch him play, then brought him to Ava to spend the night with Brett Coonce.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan and Macee went to Mt. Vernon to the home of Kelly and Hope Breeding. All of the Breeding siblings were there on Saturday.

Reece Goforth visited David and Donna on Sunday afternoon.

Lana Stephens, Eric Stephens, Leon and Jane Potter all visited Jo and John Stephens on Sunday.

Happy Birthday in June to Isaiah Ayala. Happy Anniversary June 19th to John and Jo Stephens and June 26th to David and Donna Dodson. 

Michael Dodson stopped by this week.