Church of the Living God – Bevy Moore

Wednesday eveing Bible Study was about “healing” and taken from Matthew 8:1-4.

Saturday’s Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship was about “Pride” and taken from Proverbs 16:18.

Sunday morning attendance was 21. Bro. Don Lunn opened the service with prayer, scripture reading from Philippians 4:4-9 about rejoicing in the Lord always. Then, a praise song. Sis. Linda Roberts led Sunday School with scriptures from 1 Peter 2:1-16. Special singing was by Sis. Linda, Pastor Gary, and me. Happy Birthday wishes were for Pastor Gary and Reuben Osburn this week. Pastor Gary brought the morning message about “Ye are the salt of the earth,” with scriptures from Matthew 5:14-16. Happy Father’s Day was wished to all the men.

Sun. evening special singing was by Sis. Linda. The evening message was brought by Bro. John Weyrauch about “Spiritual Growth” using scripture from Mark 4:3-9. He compared it to a flower or plant. Plant the seed – when you accept Jesus and get saved; the roots grow and are watered – when you pray and read your Bible; the stem grows tall – people see the growth; it blooms- you’re a witness to others; it’s pollinated – helped by the church and fellow Christians; of a day it turns toward the sun – we depend on the Son, Jesus; it then distributes its own seeds to make more flowers – we are sowing.

He added that the soil type is very important: wayside – devil attacks; rocky – hot and cold people; thorny- choked by the world; and good – growth. What kind of ground are you?

Sat. afternoon Pastor Gary performed a wedding for Jeffrey and Desi Hubbard at Hodgson Mill and another wedding Sunday afternoon for Kodi and Casey Nelson at Ava. Best wishes to them all.

Special prayer requests this week were for Don Reed, Don and Misty Lunn, Mary Brooke, Donnie Grould, Cindy Fleetwood, Ron and Bev Smith’s, sons Helga Emrick, Tammry Hinrich, Beth Carpenter, Herval and Jean Porter, Many unspokens. Prayer changes things!

Service times are Sunday morning at 10:00, Sunday evening at 6 Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7. Located at the corner of NW Norman and Hampton (formerly 7th and 7th). Pastor Gary Moore, 417-543-3785, Assoc. Pastor Don Lunn 417-250-2084.

Our upcoming revival with Bro. Mark Roy, from West Plains, starts July 21st. Come expecting a move of the Holy Spirit!