Breedon – Sue Thomas & Evelyn Harper

Pastor Cub Lafferty began the service with the reading of Psalms 112. Wilma Hampton dismissed to classes with prayer.

The children’s lesson was from Genesis Chapter 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The adult class studied Second Timothy chapters 1-4. Questions were answered and Seven more asked for next week.

Ronnie Thomas asked the blessing on the offering and David Williams and Jacelyn Terry collected the offering.

After congregational singing, we were blessed by a special song from Judy Willis.

Pastor Cub preached the message from John 1:1-34. Who are we following, Jesus or Satan? 

The invitation for salvation was extended, then Bill Harper dismissed the service in prayer.

Last Friday night at the singing, there was a surprise 89th birthday celebration for Pastor Cub with his grand children hosting the event. It was a wonderful surprise and the music was beautiful! The church was filled to capacity with his family, with some on the outside. What a blessing! 

Sunday night service began with singing and specials from Susie Sisco and David Williams , and Lisa Lafferty.

Susie led the devotional and read Daniel 3:13-30. Do we have the faith of Shadrach, Meshack,  and Abednego?  We enjoyed comments from each one there, then service was dismissed in prayer by David Williams Next Sunday night devotional will be led by Karry Lafferty.