Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

The Ladies had their Bible Study, Friday afternoon. They are still reading and studying in the Book of Revelation. Of course that means that they are also reading in a great number of other scriptures. The theory is that almost every book in the Bible has something and maybe a great deal to say about future judgments and events.  

Tim and Sally Henderson, Norma Stillings, and Lisa Penn enjoyed Pizza and Movie night at the home of Bob and Darlene Sorensen, Friday evening. 

Darlene Sorensen made a trip over the weekend to visit with her parents, Don and Doris Taschner, in St. Louis. We also have her parents on our prayer list for their health in their process of aging.

Bethany Baptist Church members plan to have a booth at the Heart of the Ozarks “Fourth of July” celebration Friday evening. They had patriotic t-shirts made to wear that evening. They have a children’s game ready to go. 

Rachel Kiefer was our guest for Missionary Sunday. Rachel sang several special songs and also played the piano in the services. Her burden is for the people of Honduras. She has been in Honduras with her church mission trips. The people there need to have the gospel and do have pastors and workers coming up, but they need good teaching. Rachel is qualified to teach English as well as to help church planters work with women and children. Rachel’s skill and training with music will be a help also. Rachel is being sent out by Heartland Baptist Church in Perryville, Missouri that is pastored by her father. 

Pastor Bob spoke on “Real Repentance” reading out of Luke 3 and Luke 13. Repentance is not a popular subject in our society today. Many churches do not speak of the necessity for repentance because many are making light of the sins in our society and even embracing some of the sinful life styles that are called abomination in the Bible. Before John the Baptist would baptize people he required that they “bring forth fruit.”  There had to be evidence of a change in their lives. 

If there is real repentance there will be a change of attitude toward the “wallet” in response to the needs of others. There will be a change in the daily “walk” to be honest and to do no violence. There will be a change in the attitude toward your “work” to be content, not making false accusations. There will be a change in worship habits and a change in destination. 

There are two destinations Heaven and Hell. Will our handling of our resources (wallet), our walk, our work, and our worship stand the fires of judgment? If not, confess that to the Lord and repent (turn away from evil) before it is too late.