Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

Norma Stillings enjoyed a couple of the 2500 Miles of Arts and Culture activities. She would have enjoyed more of them if she had not had appointments and commitments that kept her busy most of the week. She did get to the Library for the Genealogy Workshop, Monday afternoon, told stories with Kathy Reser, Tuesday evening, and looked at some really good art work at the Art Guild Saturday afternoon.

Norma did a radio interview with Art Corum discussing the “Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention” 2019 Campaign. The theme this year is “Speak Up! If you see something, say something!“ Elderly persons who are dependent upon other persons for their basic needs may suffer abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or even self neglect. A neighbor, relative, or friend may suspect something and be afraid to report it, but reports can be anonymous. When you know something, but don’t say anything you become part of the problem.

The Nubbin Ridge Homemakers Club members, Garnet Dolin, Norma Stillings, Missy Shay, and Darla Bennett drove to the home of Tena Belle who lives north and east of Hartville, last Friday. They cut fabric into strips, sewed them on to some paper, pressed them smooth, to make blocks for a lap robe. They plan to donate several of them to Hospice Compassus this fall.

Darlene Sorensen drove the church bus around for some of the tours last week. She seemed to have a wonderful time doing that. She posted some pictures of some of those events.

Norma Stillings sang a special Sunday morning in honor of her own father, Melvin Rogers, who had encouraged his daughters to serve the Lord with their music. He took his family around to many singings and revivals in local churches. It was his joy in life to pick up his guitar and sing the old songs.

Pastor Bob Sorensen spoke on a “Father’s Example” from Genesis 18. Abraham commanded his children to keep the “Way of the Lord” leading by his example. His compassion was shown when he bargained with the Lord to spare Sodom if there were just ten righteous souls in that city. He believed God when God promised him a son in his old age. He obeyed the Lord when he was told to offer his only son. The Lord did not require the death of Isaac but provided a ram in his place.

A godly father is to present his children to the Lord by teaching them the “Way of the Lord.” The Way of the Lord” begins with salvation which is by faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When they have believed this and called upon the name of the Lord for salvation, then they need to be taught by word and example how to live in obedience to all that the Lord has commanded. That is all done by the grace of God.