Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

I am enjoying the iris, peonies, spirea and bridal wreath in my yard, and I also have red roses and flowering almond. I’ve got a bunch of blooms, and I am truly enjoying them. I also have a “blue” rosebush that now is full of purple blooms. The first year I had it, the roses were blue, but then they turned to purple.

My daughter Kris went to Forsyth Sunday for a graduation party for her brother Marlyn’s grandkids. They were Alex Vega, graduating from high school, and Olivia Vega, graduating from eighth grade.

My granddaughter Alexus will be celebrating her 12th birthday on May 30.

My neighbor to the south, Paralea, says she has no news and doesn’t expect any. Her redbud is pretty, and I would like to have some of its buds to make cookies. You put the buds in sugar cookie dough, and the cookies are flavorful as well as pretty.

Some advice: drink sassafras tea as a good spring tonic. (I know many don’t care for it, and that includes my daughters, but I find it refreshing.)

My neighbor Jerry Miller’s gardening efforts are paying off for her son’s family and for me. I am grateful to be included in her generosity.

From my personal family experience, I recommend avoiding the smoking habit. My husband and my father were cancer patients in Buffalo, New York. My daughter Karen went with me when my husband, Glen, a smoker, was there in the 1970s. He had stopped smoking, but the 40 years he did smoke had already done the damage. My daddy was a pipe smoker. He grew his own tobacco. He and my stepmother went by bus from Springfield to Mayo Clinic in the 1950s and were there several weeks – a hard time. Like Glen, he had throat cancer. Both of them had surgery, and afterward they could not talk. Glen had a mechanical larynx that let him communicate, but it was hard to understand him.

We had to stay in New York five weeks. While there, we met a friend whose husband was also a patient, and she had her car there. She owned a Ford agency. She drove Karen and me places and even took us to Niagara Falls. We roomed at a boarding home that had chestnut trees in the yard.