Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

You can read or hear of experiences that few have actually been a part of. Looking back on my many years, I’ve had several of them, times I can’t forget, and I see that God was always with me.

The grass is growing fast. Thanks to daughter Kris who uses my riding mower and weed-eater to keep the yard looking good.

I’ve had some comments about the turtle my grandson caught out of my pond. I suspect it has a lot of relatives left there. 

I was always the outdoors person, but both of my sisters were the opposite, being schoolteachers, like our mother. My daddy wanted a boy, and he got me! 

The red japonica bushes and flowering pink almond, along with the white bridal wreath shrubs, are in bloom, and also red tulips along with some iris. So many spring flowers that I am enjoying. Another favorite of mine is the mums that bloom in the fall.

I miss going to Sunday school and church, but the time came that I can no longer go. I am still there in spirit, though, and God knows our hearts.

Who would have thought that cayenne pepper would be a good heart medicine, but I heard Dr. Oz tell that it is. 

The Mountain Home, Arkansas, Eastern Star honored 50-year members recently on their Friendship Night. Helen Conard, Lynn Hicks and Paralee Rea attended, along with others from the area. After the meeting they played games and reported having a good time.

Best wishes to Bobby Grisham and Jody Harper. Both have injuries from recent falls. 

And best wishes also to the family of Karl Chrietzberg, who died recently. His sister, Sandi Richards, is my daughter Kris’ best friend; she was here visiting us from Texas not too long ago.

We’re sending good-health wishes to James Forrest, and we send best wishes to David Evans, who now pastors at Walnut Grove Church, up towards Ava.

It’s mushroom time. But be careful of the species you pick. Some can be risky to eat unless you know your morels. They used to grow under our pear trees at our Lilly Ridge home years ago.

Saturday, the Masons are having its annual dinner at a Theodosia restaurant honoring wives, mothers and widows. I’m looking forward to attending.