Highlonesome – Linda Orick

May 9th James and I went to Ava and got his hair cut and mine.

We visited Brad Evans at Cooper Lumber and went to the Grapevine and visited Amanda Evans. She and Brad have purchased it, and now call it Blooming Blessing. Lots of things to look at. We left Araina, their daughter, a graduation card and gift. We wish Amanda good luck and the best with her business. She is my brother, Junior & Betty Halcomb’s granddaughter. 

James visited Amanda’s Dad, John Siler. Where? Wal-mart. 

Friday morning, John and David Halcomb went to see Daryl Armour in the hospital.

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12th, we attended church at Garrison Church. Bob Hammons sang ‘Family Bible’ and Justin Bertoldie sang a special. Their speaker was Rev. Bally Johnson.

Friday, May10th, a wedding rehearsal was at Eastern Gate Church for Levi and Ana. Then Saturday, May 11th, they were married at the Church with a large crowd of family and friends. They had a nice wedding. Rev. James Orick married the couple. He married Levi’s parents, Jolly and Teena (Nelson) Johnson in the same church and also Levi’s sister, Ester and Mikey Hampton. He was going to marry Levi’s brother, Adam and Katie, but due to health problems, he couldn’t. He hates to say no to people, but they are understanding. He had to turn down two funerals and two weddings.

Sympathy sent to the Betty Maggard family. Her funeral was at Mt. Olive and burial at Hall Cemetery at Ongo. James was going to help with the services, but he had a spell on Sunday so he thought  best not to try it. He was around the family a lot of years ago. He said she was a number one cook – best biscuits he ever ate. A very large crowd attended Betty’s funeral.

Word was received that Lee and Elise (Maggard) Soward’s son, J.D., passed away. He is a first cousin to James.

Christy and Chris Lakey attended the graduation party for their great nephew, Brady Rowland, at his home Sat. May 11th. We were invited, but James had a wedding that day. 

Araina Evans’ graduation party was on Sun. evening May 12th. We did not get to attend it. Lots going on that week.

Sandy Church had a fish fry Sunday after Mother’s Day. A large crowd attended – lots of food. Connie came and got her mother, Betty Halcomb. And David, her brother, helped fry fish. They had several cooks.

Daryl Armour is taking therapy and seems to be doing better.

May 18th God blessed John and Connie Siler with their first great grandson, Landon Roy Curtis. I told my brother, Junior Halcomb, that makes 5 generations. Kaylee and Dalton brought him home Monday.

Kerry and Shelly Parham of Wichita attended a wedding in Missouri. And did some work at their lake house over the weekend. 

John and Connie Siler attended the graduation Friday night at Ava for their granddaughter Araina Evans. Sunday evening her parents, Brad and Amanda, hosted a graduation party for her. Her great grandmother, Betty Halcomb went with John and Connie. David and his dad, Junior Halcomb, visited James and me.

Lisa Ellison went to church at Mt. Olive and came by and brought me a hanging basket of flowers and card for Mother’s Day. She has done that for many years. Lisa visited her mom, Dorothy, Saturday for Mother’s Day.

Lisa Ellison, Valerie Austin, Tammy Gunter and Sue Thomas are retiring from teaching. Richard Hutchhinson retired from driving a school bus for the Ozark School. Larry and Wanda Hutchinson attended a retirement awards for Valerie, Lisa, and Richard at Ozark. Richard is Larry’s brother.

Have a safe Memorial weekend. Lots of water – better for ducks, fish and frogs. You don’t mess with Mother Nature. Our country is in terrible shape. Pray, pray, pray.