Happy Home – Peggy Potts

Our morning service began with Bro. Mac greeting all with a ‘good morning.’ We had prayer requests and praise reports. Prayer by Bro. Royce. We had the pledges to the flags and to the Bible. We sang for Jesus and prepared for Sunday School. Bro. John opened with prayer. The lesson scripture found in the Book of John, 18:1-27. Title of the lesson, “Moving Toward the Cross.” Lesson objectives: to see the prophecy of Jesus fulfilled, to be moved by the compassion of Jesus, to stand for Jesus even if we are standing alone. It was a very good lesson.

We sang Happy Anniversary to Naomi’s daughter and son-in-law. We gathered the Coins for Christ. It was time to sing for the Lord. We gathered the gifts for the Lord with prayer by Bro. Mac. We had specials from Bro. John, Sister Peggy, Bro. Mac and Sis. Sara.

The morning message with Bro. Russ opening in prayer. Title of the message, “Jesus Opens Our Eyes.” Scripture for the message in the book of Luke 24:13-25. Concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Very good message. Bro. Russ closed in prayer.

Bro. Russ opened the evening service asking for prayer requests and praise reports. Then, Bro. Russ asked us all to come forward for the prayer circle. All prayed for those who were on their hearts and minds. We then sang for the Lord.

Bro. Russ opened his message with prayer. The title of the message, “Gone Fishing.” Scripture found in John 21:3-14. It was a good message from the Lord. Bro. Royce closed the service in prayer.

Saturday night we had our monthly singing. It was super. The Lord really blessed us. We sang a lot and had good fellowship after the singing. Remember the Fourth Saturday night of the month is Happy Home singing. Put it on your calendar.

Have a great week. Keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.