Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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We studied in Sunday School class how important it is that out of God’s great love and mercy that he freely offers grace through his son Jesus Christ and we become children and heirs of Christ.

Happy Birthday to Rachel Potts.

Our special song was by Bill Comer, Wanda Casady, and Rod and Joanne Welker. A special testimony was given by Steve Gidney. 

We didn’t quite make our quota of 150 this Sunday, but we here at Gentry are determined and we did have a good crowd for dinner. 

Visiting with us this weekend was my nephew, David Henderson, from Independence, MO.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from Proverbs Chapter 17. Greater love hath no man than a man lay down his life for his friends. Sometimes God will put friends in our path to help us. A real friend will be there at all times.