Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

Hello to all of you from here on our mountain. It is a wonderful sunshine-filled day as I am writing this. I know that those with gardens out are watching them grow with all this rain and warm weather. It also means that the yards get to be mowed a lot. I love the smell of fresh mowed grass and loved to see all the green out my window. God has blessed us by letting us live in this part of the world.

Jon preached Sunday and Sunday night about letting your light shine for God out in the world not just on Sunday, but each and every day of the week. Right now, the news is actually showing some people who are standing up for some of our moral issues.

Let us all pray and not be ashamed to say, we believe in God and in the way things should be and not how the world is trying to make us see them. What was right, moral and correct 200 years ago is still that way today.

We have some dates coming up that you might want to mark on your calendar. June 1 is work day at church, June 2 is a baptizing, and June 9th is our homecoming. Sounds like it is going to be a busy month.

Whatever you have planned to keep you busy, keep your light shining for God and let people know that you still stand for Him.

Till next time take care and God bless.