Black Jack – Carol Murdy

What a lovely day this Sunday, April 28, 2019. We opened with the corporate reading of Psalms 91 with prayer requests and prayers following.

Matthew 7:7-11 was read.  Prayer is a necessity in Christian life. Without it, we do not have fellowship with God, nor do we become accustomed to His voice. Ezekiel 36:37 reads that  the House of Israel was to inquire of the Lord. God desires us to involve Him in all decision making. We are to ask  that which lines up with God’s  Word so that we don’t ask amiss. (James 4:3). While we wait patiently for that answer, we are not to let our hands or minds to be idle. Prayer can be facilitated with a fast that  limits food to body and/or in the  fulfilling of Isaiah 58:6-9. When we show mercy by helping others, our hearts will not become hard and unfeeling. (Zechariah 7:9-13) As you patiently wait on an answer to prayer, put God in remembrance of the need, praising Him for His all encompassing power and ability over all other entities. Thank Him for all He has done and will do.  Embrace the waiting period with worship for as we  draw nigh unto Him and He will draw nigh unto you (James 4:8).

When asking of God, seeking His face and  knocking, prepare yourself before entering into His presence. Repent of sin and wash yourself (Isaiah 1:15-17 lest your prayers are not heard.  James 5:16 tells us that the “effectual fervent  prayer of a righteous man availeth much”). Don’t stop praying nor be dismayed.. Labor  in prayer, knowing that He is not a respecter of persons and promises to answer prayer.

Pastor Vic Murdy preached from Joshua 6 and 7 about “Keep The Sin Out of the Camp”.  Joshua had God’s promise as did Moses in that he would possess the land wherever he stepped (1:3)  Then in Chapter 6, God instructed Joshua to overtake Jericho. He promised victory but clearly claimed all spoilage as first fruits unto Himself. No part of the spoilage was for man. Then, without asking God for approval and blessing, Joshua came against Ai, and lost the battle and soldiers..  Had he inquired of God, he would have known God was not with him, because one person had disobeyed Him  at Jericho. Achan had stolen money and garments. Even though he confessed, he, his family and all possessions  were killed and burned, with the memory of Achan being wiped out at God’s command.  One person in three million turned the favor of God from the entire nation. How important our choices are! The ramifications of them go beyond the effect they have  on us as individuals. The consequence affects the family, the church, and community; all to whom you are enjoined. Our choices should be weighed carefully as to how they measure up to God’s Word before we act on them. Sin does matter, and greatly so. Sin dissolves our unity with God and each other.  The Holy Spirit will not enter where division abides. The day of Pentecost required that “all were in one mind and one accord” before the infilling of the Holy Spirit.. 

At salvation, we commit to live according to the Holy Bible. God is God 24/7 and knows our heart as well as our words and deeds. God promises blessings and cursings in Deuteronomy 28. We get to choose which we want. We send ourselves to hell with a lifestyle not in keeping with God’s standards. John 10:10 tells us that “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy; (but) I am come that they might have life…and have it more abundantly”. Chose this day whom you will serve.

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