Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

Another Easter has passed. Let us always remember our risen Christ.

I’ve been busy recycling lately and cleaning up my stack of newspapers, letters and other papers. Me and my clutter! It’s a job to keep up with it all.

How time gets away. April’s nearly gone and May’s almost here.

The Masons and Eastern Star will host a gathering honoring women on May 11 in Theodosia. Bobbie Grisham called and invited me and my family. I’m hoping my two sons, Lyndon from Fair Grove and Marlyn from Branson, and their families can join me there on May 11. 

I’ve been enjoying a page of pictures I received recently from Elda Edwards. She has photographed animals, shrubs and plants and other things around her Theodosia home. Besides photographing, Elda does a lot of baking for her church, Theodosia United Methodist; I’m sure her talents are greatly appreciated. 

My daughter’s friend brought his large mower recently and got all my weeds mowed down and my leaves chopped and scattered. I appreciate him.   

I’m soon to celebrate my 97th birthday. Yes, 1922 was my birth year. Warren G. Harding was president. I understand, from my study of history, he was a popular one. But he died of a heart attack while still serving as president. Then came hard times in the 1930s when Roosevelt supposedly brought us out of the Depression. Maybe so, maybe not! We were lucky to have milk cows, pigs and chickens and survival foods from our garden during those times.

We are lucky to have apple, pear and peach trees here that will soon be blooming. Native produce is always a favorite of mine, especially the Keifer and LaCaunte pears. My grandfather Ebrite knew the value of the fruit grown on those trees. 

My daughter Karen’s granddaughter Tara Hendricksen was here visiting from Rogers, Arkansas, recently. She’s employed at Baxter Regional Medical Center.

My cats have been waiting for me to sit with them on the porch. Being Siamese and sensitive about any unexpected visitors, they keep watch as they wait. The neighbor’s dog is an unwelcome visitor for them! Seeing the dog, I sure miss my collie dog Prince who was my loyal companion for many years.