Little Creek – Ruby Satterfield

I was talking to my friend Kay this morning and she urged me to keep writing, so I will start this Monday morning and try to have something worth reading by Friday, my mailing day.

You see, my sweet niece is only here through Friday to do my mailbox thing and I sometimes forget my last day to mail. And besides that, my shaky handwriting gets too bad to read after awhile.

Excuses, excuses! Anyway, here goes. 

I had a most enjoyable day Sunday, going to church and seeing everyone and hearing an inspiring message delivered by Tony Ingerson. Then we got invited to an afternoon with Jim and Jean Frye and their family. Jean, with help, cooked a delicious dinner and those enjoying were Jim and Jean Frye, Katrice and Tim Kirlin, Tony Ingerson, and son, Wyatt, Jamie and Danny Dry, Rusty Frye, Robyn Tetrick and myself, Autumn Miller and friend, and Benji came after dinner.

Jean’s family has always been my second family and I enjoy their company so very much. 

Thanks to Robyn for picking me up. 

My other sister, Jo, called me late Sunday. She had just gotten home from a week in Springfield with son Chris and her great grandson Wyatt. She was happy to be home even though she enjoyed her week away.

I had a phone visit one day with Vickie Prock, my niece, and I so appreciate her calls. We have fun just talking. And my nephew, Randall Delp, responds with comments on my Facebook page. Randall and Kevin and Monte are still on that old lonesome highway, trucking to keep food on the table and bills paid. We will all be happy for them to retire.

I appreciate very much that Cinita Brown called to tell me of her visit to see Betty Burton and to keep me updated on her condition. Betty is in congestive heart failure and in the hospital with her family all there. Betty knew Cinita and they had a blessed visit together. Before she left, Betty sang, “This Little Light of Mine” and sang it so clear and so sweetly for Lynda to tape. She sent her love to me and to her lifelong friends up and down Little Creek. We all will meet again in heaven where we can all sing together and rejoice. We will keep the faith and keep the family in our prayers and thank you again, Cinita,

Hello to Jim and Audrey Turner and I pray all is well.

Also to Sue Hartgraves, I appreciate your cards and I love and appreciate you very much. We have been friends a long time. Give your boys my regards and know that your are in my prayers. Philip has always treated me as an equal even though I am a few years older. He is one of the many youngsters I remember so fondly. 

I see I have used the word appreciate a lot, and I write it sincerely. I have so many friends and so many memories and have been so blessed all of my 90 years on Little Creek, and most of all, I appreciate what the Lord did for me to assure me a place in heaven and for placing me in the Ozarks, for the family He gave me, and the friends I have shared my life with.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.